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Replay: Whiskey on Ice

Whether you drink your whiskey over ice or reserve it for other beverages, there’s more to the cube than meets the eye. In this chat, we’ll get a little nerdy with solid water, discussing how it impacts the taste of whiskey and other spirits, using whiskey stones and other methods to chill drinks without dilution, and the best shapes and sizes of ice cubes for a quick chill or a slow sipper. We’ll also discuss how to make and store the best ice at home; crystal clear and free from off-flavors. Join host Camper English, founder of Alcademics, Owner of Rob Roy Anu Apte and spirits author Aaron Goldfarb as they explore this sometimes contentious topic.

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Camper English, Founder of
Camper English is a cocktails and spirits writer and educator who has contributed to publications including Popular Science, Saveur, Details, Whisky Advocate, Drinks International, and many more. He is the pioneer of the "directional freezing" technique to make perfectly clear ice that is used around the world. Camper is a judge of the SF World Spirits Competition, a former World's 50 Best Bars polling coordinator, and the founder/writer of,, and his main website He has been voted one of the 100 most influential figures in the global bar industry all three years of Drinks International's Bar World 100 list.
Special Guests:
Aaron Goldfarb, Novelist, Author & Journalist
Aaron Goldfarb is a novelist, author, and journalist, who frequently writes about the spirits industry and drinking culture for Esquire, PUNCH, and VinePair. His two most recent books are Hacking Whiskey: Smoking, Blending, Fat-Washing, and Other Whiskey Experiments and Gather Around Cocktails: Drinks to Celebrate Usual and Unusual Holidays. He lives in Brooklyn with his family.
Anu Apte-Elford, Owner Rob Roy, Seattle
Anu Apte has bartended all over the world and currently owns four award winning bars in Seattle. She has a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences, has successfully tested for the BAR 5 Day program, is a Registered Yoga Instructor, and recently completed a Post-Baccalaureate Program for Counseling and Psychology Professions through UC Berkeley. She was inducted into the Dame Hall of Fame in 2015, serves on the BAR FAB committee and sits on the board of directors for Seattle Restaurants United. She is a hospitality industry lifer.