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Spirit Curious

You like spirits but don’t fully understand the distinction between spirit categories, expressions, or brands, but want to learn. Join the Bevridge community to discover new spirits and understand what makes them special. Learn More I’m fairly new to spirits and there’s a lot of information out there.  I like how Bevridge offers a variety of tastings and experiences led by industry experts where I can learn.Jeff Mahoney

Spirit Savvy

You have a discerning palate, are looking for new and interesting spirits to add to your repertoire and enjoy meeting the makers and industry influencers. Join the Bevridge community to learn directly from the industry experts. Learn More I enjoy top shelf whiskies but the price can be prohibitive to exploring new brands.  Bevridge tasting kits allow me to discover new products that I might not have tried.Quinn Killough

Group Event

You host group events, whether it’s for your company and clients or for a group of friends, and are always on the hunt for something fun and memorable. Let Bevridge help you create an interactive tasting experience for your guests. Learn More Whisky tastings have been fun, educational, and have given my employees something new to connect over.Rusti Porter

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Join Us For Our Next Panel Discussion - "Whiskey Grains" - Wednesday, January 26th @ 5:45 pm PST/8:45 pm EST.
Grains are the foundation of #whiskey. Barley, rye, wheat, rice, and yellow and white corn help us to create the spirits that will become whiskey by expressing sugars for yeasts to eat. But it goes so much deeper than just an exchange of sugars into alcohol and that’s what we’re going to dive into in this panel discussion. Experts Dr. Stephen Jones (WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY/BREAD LAB) and Matt Hoffman (WESTLAND DISTILLERY) will join UPROXX DRINKS EDITOR Zach Johnston as they dive into how we can coax deep flavors from a seemingly inert seed or grain.
Visit the link in our bio to register for the panel discussion today.
#bevridge #findspiritsfitforyou

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The American Single Malt Tasting Experience features award-winning spirits like Westward Whiskey's American Single Malt, which won Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, “95 points Gold Medal, Exceptional” from Beverage Testing Institute, and 92 points Silver Medal at the 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition. #bevridge #findspiritsfitforyou ...

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Join Us For Our Next Panel Discussion - "Water in Whiskey" - Wednesday, January 19th @ 5:45 pm PST/8:45 pm EST.
Water is used in several parts of the whiskey making, and often whiskey-drinking process. It is used in fermentation, proofing before barrel aging, and in reducing whiskey to bottle proof. Then you may want to make a highball with it. We’ll look at the water used in these parts of the process (they are often all different!), how it impacts the flavor of whiskey, and why you might want to try different soda waters with your highball. In this panel discussion, Camper English, creator of @alcademics, will host Jennifer Colliau, award winning bartender, consultant and owner and operator of @smallhandfoods, and Alastair Brogan, owner & Distiller at @boulderspirits.
Visit the link in our bio to register for the panel discussion today.
#bevridge #findspiritsfitforyou

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Tasting Experience
American Single Malt Tasting Experience by Whisky Live
February 15th, 2022 @8:45PM EST
Two-day live virtual launch that explores 10 American single malt whiskies from the most respected producers in the U.S. paired with custom digital content. Be transported into distilleries around the world from the comfort of your own home.
panel discussion
The Influence of Wood
February 2nd, 2022 @8:45PM EST
In this panel, we discuss the influence of wood used in spirit production and aging.  Expert panelists explore how things like different tree species, the treatment of the wood before and after making the casks, and used barrels can impact the final spirit.