Tasting Experiences

Bringing the Tasting Room to You

Go beyond the bottle with on-demand content that brings you into the distillery from the comfort of home. Our thoughtfully curated collections feature desirable spirits produced by exceptional craft distilleries. You'll not only get to taste each offering side-by-side, you'll explore the brands behind them, going behind the scenes with the producers to see how each was made and what makes each so special.

  • “The fun of these kits is definitely figuring out your individual preferences, so I highly recommend seeking the Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Experience!”
    Jerry Janae Sampson

    The Whiskey Wash

  • “The fact that you’ll be guided through tastings and see where these whiskeys come from (and the people making them) takes the whiskey gift box set to a whole new level.”
    Zach Johnston


  • “Taking a national tour of great American whiskey makers is way better when you can enjoy their efforts at home without getting on a single plane.”
    Hadley Tomicki

    Urban Daddy

  • “We did this tasting a few weeks ago and it was amazing. The box alone with the bottles was worth it. So well packaged and presented.”

    Statesville, NC

  • “Traditionally, the only way to taste high-end whiskies is to be lucky enough to have a great bar in your city… The magic of Bevridge is that you get to try 10 whiskies that are extremely high-end, they are curated by experts, and best of all, you can taste them at home with family and friends.”

    Beverly Hills, CA

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