All About Bevridge

  • What is Bevridge?

    Bevridge is a content, e-commerce and marketing platform, using storytelling to enhance your unique journey through the world of spirits. We deliver experiences that go far beyond a traditional tasting. Through our platform and Whisky Live events, we’ll introduce you to the breadth of brands, products, makers and stories that shape each spirit category, helping you deepen your knowledge and guide you to spirits fit for you.

  • Is your video and audio content free?

    Yes! Visit the Bevridge Channel to view our library of compelling on-demand content, where distillers and experts provide rare insights related to distillation techniques, spirit expressions and brand history while offering a tantalizing look behind the scenes. We also bring our community of experts together for live streamed panel discussions. Learn more here.

  • What’s included in each Tasting Collection?

    Each Tasting Collection is a work of art, expertise and passion, comprising a range of 50ml bottles of premium spirits from exemplary distilleries. Each Tasting Collection also comes with a series of videos on the Bevridge Channel that pairs with each sample to deliver an experience beyond the bottle. Our content and Tastings Collections are thoughtfully produced to appeal to novices and seasoned pros alike.

    Each Tasting Collection provides you with the opportunity to explore a diverse range of products without having to purchase full bottles. They also allow you to discover new brands and to better understand your own preferences through side-by-side tastings, all while discovering where and how each product is made.

    A testament to thoughtful curation and beautiful design, our Tasting Collections make great gifts for lovers of fine spirits.

  • What are Whisky Live events?

    Whisky Live is the world’s premier whisky tasting show. Every year, Whisky Live USA and Whisky Live Canada host a two-day event in each country, featuring Masterclasses, stage demonstrations and talks from master distillers and brand ambassadors from around the world. Learn more about upcoming events on our Whisky Live Events page.

  • Do you offer corporate events and gifting?

    Absolutely. Learn more on our Corporate Events page.

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