panel discussion

Replay: Whiskey Bars

Although many of us haven’t been to whiskey bars in a while, they are a great place to try a new-to-you juice. In this discussion, we’ll talk to a couple of the top whiskey accounts in the U.S. about:  

  • How do whiskey bars curate their whiskey selection 
  • How to keep staff trained on the spirits offered 
  • Tips on how to choose a whiskey   
  • How the bars have evolved because of the pandemic 

This talk will feature Olle Lundberg, owner of Hard Water in San Francisco, CA, and Tommy Patrick, co-owner of The Ballard Cut in Seattle, WA.

We’ll also have a live Q&A so you can engage directly with our expert panel during the event.

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Nate Gana, @nategana & Co-Founder of Bevridge
Following his passion for luxury whisky, Nate founded @SingleMaltDaily in 2015. Quickly garnering respect and influence within the luxury whisky market, Nate has evolved his social influence & whisky knowledge to become a featured contributor in publications including Food & Wine, Forbes, Men's Journal, and UPROXX. He has also been selected as a two-time judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Nate has been invited to host whisky education events for companies all over the world including Google, Nike, Facebook, lnstagram, Netflix, VICE, among others. Nate also co-founded Bevridge in March 2021.
Special Guests:
Tommy Patrick, co-owner The Ballard Cut, Seattle, WA
Tommy has been in the bar/restaurant industry for over 20 years and has developed a passion for all things whiskey and food.  Tommy is co-owner of the Ballard Cut in Seattle, WA. Tommy’s favorite categories bourbon, japanese and scotch whiskies.  Tommy has travelled around the world and collected many different flavors from his travels, whether it is adding to his whiskey collection or his honey collection, Tommy loves to talk about all aspects of the whiskey industry!
Olle Lundberg, owner Hard Water, San Francisco
Olle graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Virginia in 1979, and also holds degrees in English Literature and Sculpture from Washington and Lee University. Olle is owner of Hard Water, an American Whiskey bar, tucked into a historic bulkhead building on San Francisco’s Pier 3. Olle believes that American Whiskey is being rediscovered – a younger, more diverse crown is discovering it, and Hard Water is built for them.